“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Having a successful and a rewarding career requires you to have not just good scores and a good degree. What you also need is good communication skills and command over the language in order to shine in any industry. If you are looking for French speaking institute in Chandigarh or Spanish institute in Chandigarh, then your search ends right here.

At Foreign language institute, we help you attain the best not just in your communication but in your overall ability to comprehend the language. We help you to master languages which are prominently spoken and popular across the world like French, Spanish and of course English. We are also among the leading institutes offering training for IELTS in Chandigarh and among the few to offer IATA courses in Chandigarh.

Who are we?

  • We are a team of likeminded, passionate and professional individuals who are dedicated to bringing the best out of every student joining the institute.
  • We work towards the success of our students in their lives, educating them to the better and helping them to accomplish their goals.
  • The team comprises of skilled and certified teachers who have experience and working knowledge in the respective language and who are determined to help improve your fluency.

What can we do for you?

Language need not be a barrier anymore. We at Foreign language institute are offering you with courses to learn some of the most popular languages in the world. If you already know the language, we can help honing your abilities to make you fluent in the language.

  • From basic fundamentals to advanced learning, the foreign language institute has everything you would need to be a true master in the language.
    • We offer training for IELTS in Chandigarh and IATA courses in Chandigarh.
    • We are also among the leading Spanish institute in Chandigarh and French speaking institute in Chandigarh while also offering classes to improve your English speaking ability.
    • The air ticketing and IATA courses in Chandigarh that we offer can help you make a career in the aviation industry with ease.
    • We offer courses that match with the curriculum of different schools including CBSE and IGCSE syllabus.
    • As part of the training for IELTS in Chandigarh, we offer you a comprehensive learning curriculum that focuses on listening, writing, speaking and reading abilities individually and holistically.
  • We offer these courses at a fairly affordable price that can fit into everyone’s budget  and is tailored to suit every age group as well.

Our mission

It is our mission to provide opportunities to those who want to improve their language skills and looking for opportunities in the aviation industry to find their passion without much hassle.

Our vision

It is our long term vision to create a society where everyone is fluent in different languages and has the opportunity to pursue their dreams outside the country without the language barrier.