Why Choose Us for Learning Spoken English?

Any kind of language is not just a group of words and dialects, it is much more than that it is completely a different aspect of looking into other culture and other way of living. Being said that, English is one of the most famous languages in the universe.

Currently spoken by over 1.5 billion people, which roughly stands out to be 30 percent of the total population of the Earth, English gives you an exclusive access to the culture and lifestyle of people from the English speaking nations as well as various other nations who speak a different accent of English.

Why should you hone your Spoken English skills?

Although learning English and spoken English relates to the same cause, yet, there is a very slight difference between having a proficient competency in both of them. It has been seen that compared to the knowledge of English, the proficient knowledge of spoken English is highly appreciated by most of the multinational companies and other corporate magnets.

Having a good accent and a comfortable stance during speaking English gives you an upper hand over your job and also opens numerous opportunities for you to deal with your client with ease.

What are the benefits of learning to Spoken English?

Learning to speak English will not only enhance your repertoire, it will also open up to you a new world of opportunities of communicating and enhancing your future career options.

Following are some of the crucial benefits which you will get once you learn to speak English:

  • English always has been a preferred language for most of the multinational companies and other corporate houses. So, if you have a good command over spoken English, you will get an added advantage over other candidates who are fighting for the same position.
  • As you know, India, Brazil and the North American nations are some of the best possible markets for the upcoming products of various companies. So, if you have a good knowledge of spoken English, then you will be able to deal with your clients very comfortably and will also bring good fortune to your company.
  • Apart from this, if you are planning to go abroad to study in some of the highly reputed universities around the world, you will have to have a proficient spoken English knowledge as some of the immigration authorities demand a TOEFL score to check whether you understand their accent or not.

Why choose Us for learning Spoken English?

We believe that the most important aspect of learning English, or in that matter any language, is enjoying it. Although discipline and punctuality play an important role, yet, the real enjoyment is what keeps you motivated and connected with the language. With us, you will be able to get some really interesting benefits such as:

  • Our experts at the Spoken English department have designed a course with all the four important aspects of learning a new language, which are listening, writing, reading as well as speaking; but extra attention is given to the speaking portion.
  • We have interactive multimedia sessions where you can hone your English pronunciations and accent.
  • Our tutors are devoted to your cause and will set the pace of lectures according to you.
  • We also provide you the opportunity to speak with native speakers to get a first hand experience of communicating in English.